Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network

NOCC Volume & Percentage Clinical Ratings: Australia

To enable meaningful analyses and inform discussions regarding the overall volume and completeness of the National Outcomes and Casemix Collection data, AMHOCN has undertaken work which has resulted in a series of charts pertaining to each age group, service setting and collection occasion. At each point in the collection protocol, analyses are presented as charts from two perspectives:

The charts are available for download, according to age group:
NOCC Volume & Percentage Clinical Ratings (Australia) - Child & Adolescent (PDF, 2.95mb)
NOCC Volume & Percentage Clinical Ratings (Australia) - Adult (PDF, 2.89mb)
NOCC Volume & Percentage Clinical Ratings (Australia) - Older Person (PDF, 2.73mb)

These charts present findings from analyses of National Outcomes and Casemix Collection data as submitted by jurisdictions for the past 4 years. This enables an assessment of trends in reporting over time. These analyses are based on the submissions by jurisdictions as at
22 May 2013.

The NOCC protocol prescribes measures to be collected specific to the age group of consumers, at times specific to the service setting and at other times specific to the reason for collection. These reports are based on that protocol but acknowledge that organisations and jurisdictions may have different requirements.

Key assumptions that underpin these analyses are identical to those documented in AMHOCN’s NOCC Standard Reports.

The charts should also be considered in conjunction with the Technical Specifications of State and Territory reporting requirements for the outcomes and casemix components of ‘Agreed Data’ (Version 1.70) and the NOCC Clinician and Self-Report Measures Overview (Version 1.50) (PDF, 711kb).

Figures are numbered with the schema used for the standard reports with modification such that the suffix ‘V’ refers to volume and the suffix ‘C’ refers to ‘completeness’.

Note also that abbreviations are used to identify the NOCC clinical measures as detailed below. Whereas 3 different Consumer Self-Report measures are used by jurisdictions, these are not analysed separately here but are presented collectively.

Abbreviated titles of the NOCC Clinical Measures used in the charts are: